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Tongue Scraping - Should I Be Introducing This Into My Daily Routine?

A couple weeks ago, I added a poll on my Instagram stories and asked

"Do you scrape your tongue?"

80% of people thought this was GROSS.

Granted, scraping your tongue isn't the classiest beauty routine..

However, I realized very quickly that I should've been taught to do this years before I started.

I used to brush my tongue clean with my toothbrush until I realized how much cleaner my tongue was using a tongue scraper.

I started tongue scraping four years ago. I cannot go a day without it.

Here's why:

  1. By scraping your tongue, you are able to remove toxins that would otherwise be stuck on the tongue or swallowed with food and water

  2. Removes harmful bacteria

  3. Prevents bad breath

  4. In Ayurveda, it is believed that by removing toxins from your tongue results in better functioning organs.

How do I scrape my tongue?

I do mine after brushing my teeth.

  1. Start my sticking your tongue out

  2. Use the curved side of the scraper towards your tongue and start as far back as you can

  3. Slowly start scraping bit by bit, the rinse

  4. Repeat again one more time in case you have left anything behind.

  5. Rinse your tongue scraper well with water once done.

I recommend this to you all. Invest in a metal tongue scraper, it will be an absolute gamechanger!

With love.


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