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Health Benefits of Dandelion Root Tea

I recently watched Radhi of @VeggieVeganVeda on Instagram talking about this coffee alternative so I decided to look into it. I purchased it two weeks ago at my local health food store. They have a few different flavors,

I bought the Dandelion Mocha Mint flavor which smells SO good.

What's so great about dandelion tea?

Firstly, it is high in Vitamin A which can support your teeth, bones, and immune system.

The brew itself looks like a black tea but it is completely caffeine free.

I love a good ol' british cuppa with milk and one sugar. I've been guilty of having a cup of tea in the evening and then not being able to sleep. I love tea! Tea is very comforting for me, one of my favorite self-care practices is to sit outdoors or in the bath with a cup of tea. I'm not one for cold food or drinks to be honest, so I'm happy to have found a tea with great health benefits as well as being so tasty.

Top 3 Ingredients

Organic carob - cocoa powder alternative, natural sweetener, contains calcium, high fiber, antioxidant

Organic chicory - alternative to coffee, caffeine free, prebiotic fiber

Organic dandelion root - antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, great for skincare

You can add more sweetener or a creamer if you would like to. I've been drinking it without and it has been great!

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday.

Happy Mother's Day to all celebrating today!



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