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Why I Drink Fennel Tea (Saunf Pani)

Fennel seeds are a powerful, liquorice tasting spice.

We have added fennel seeds to our chai for years for their sweet flavor and wonderful healing benefits.

I'm not a fan of liquorice but I don't mind the taste of the seeds when boiled. Not a fan of chewing on them, although you can.

In our family, like many South Asian families, we have used fennel seeds for the following:

- Relieving gas

- Speeding up digestion

- Stimulating milk in breast feeding mothers

- Calming painful periods

- Reducing colic in Infants

- General hydration


  1. Boil 1 tbsp. fennel seeds with 2 pints of water, sieve and enjoy

OR add 1 tsp fennel seeds into a large mug and pour boiling water all over it. Stir and enjoy hot, warm or cold.

I drink a large mugful of fennel tea daily and love what it does for my digestive system.

It is simply wonderful. Enjoy.

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