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The Self-Love Advent Calendar Challenge


This challenge is all about appreciating, connecting and working on yourself.

This is one of the most precious things one can do for themselves.

Over the past 6 years, my life has changed unimaginably.

With so many surprises, hurdles and new chapters, I was challenged to push out of my comfort zone.

That uncomfortable feeling brought me anxiety, stress, depression but I continued to challenge myself and get to know this new version of me that was rebirthing.


By challenging myself everyday!

At the age of 31, I am more connected with myself than I have ever been.

I talk to myself with love.

I challenge myself to grow.

I work on my flaws by calling myself out.

Most importantly, I appreciate my mind, body and soul.

It’s freeing!

This is why I began the self-love advent calendar challenge last year.

25 people sent me their email addresses and each day they were greeted with a new challenge as well as insight into how that challenge helped me personally.

The idea is to dedicate a whole month not only to your loved ones but yourself too!

Sign-up and join me in December.

Simply send me your email address before the 1st of December.. It’s as easy as that!

Let’s do this all over again 🎄🥰

Love and light,

Alisha x

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