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Rebirth, Crystals and Me By Inderpal Kaur

My fascination and curiosity for crystals grew in the mist of a major shift that occurred in my human journey, called the dark night of the soul. It started mid-2019. During this deep healing and transformative part of my life, it left me feeling lost, no sure of who I was anymore, and my perception of the world on a micro and macro level didn’t make sense. I felt as though I had been lied to all my life about who I truly was and what life was all about. My world came crashing down.

I was in search of understanding what I was going through and looking for ways to heal organically. I turned to a therapist, coach, and alternative therapies and most importantly faith. My soul needed nurturing. It was like my old skin was shedding, I was in the process of grieving the old “ME”. Going to my Reiki session one day the practitioner was using different crystals to aid the practice. I was drawn to the beauty and colours, becoming very inquisitive. She started to explain why she was using certain ones on me that day, I was all ears. I was captivated by her words like I was in a trance. After my session had ended, she told me “You really connected with the crystals, you should look more into it and maybe do a course? “Those words planted a seed in my mind, and that seed grew and grew. The Reiki practitioner pointed me in the right direction and there I was training in crystal healing. It was such an amazing journey.

At the same time one of my friends who is into crystals advised me to buy Celestite. I was new to crystals and hadn’t heard of that one before or knew the meaning. He was unaware of what I was going through. This was a Divine intervention. It became crystal clear that crystals would play a big part in my healing and boy was I right! Celestite was the first ever crystal I bought, and it was magical. Understanding the meaning and properties it vibrates I fell in love with it. Celestite is a crystal that brings about peace, elevating the spirt and radiates spiritual healing. It also connects to the angelic realms. The vibration and energy I felt from this crystal left me feeling in reverence to it. I have been meditating for many years and it has become part of my morning and evening routine. I started to meditate with crystals. My collection grew and I would choose a specific crystal to hold or have by me during my practice. Now feeling the energy around me in a meditative consciousness was a Divine experience. I was soaking it all into a cellular level. Things started shifting in my life and the vail of darkness started to lift. I knew I had to go through the dark to get to the light. It was my soul journey. I had no choice but to surrender to the power that was bigger than me.

During this time wearing crystals as bracelets daily really aided my energy field and chakras. It helped as a tool to bring balance into my life and with its own unique frequency acting as a tuning fork. The benefits of wearing the crystals helped align different areas of my life, and in time, an increase of peace, positivity and gratitude was manifesting. I came to a realisation that I had to share this with others, in terms of making handmade crystal jewellery and serving it to others.

In December 2020 Pretty Elements was birthed. Pretty Elements is where people can buy crystal jewellery that is intuitively handmade by me with love, intention, and sound mantra. Creating pieces that are healing, inspiring and uplifting that aid other soul beings in their own journey is very close to my heart and that, I feel passionate about. As I have healed and continue to heal in my journey Pretty Elements allows me to serve others and spread love, healing, peace, and light. In my continued growth and personal development, I create space to help others along the way. Awakening to my powerful truth whilst going through the dark, would usher me into the purpose where I was created to be. This is a message to all that are reading, no matter what the universe throws at you believe in yourself, hold on to faith and trust that you are always Divinely guided.

Sending each and every one of you love happiness and peace. You can catch me @_PrettyElements_ on Instagram

Before I go, I would like to share 5 simple tips where you can place crystals in your home to dress it up and elevate the energy:

1). Black Tourmaline - Front door: This crystal is great for the entrance of your door. It cleanses and is highly protective.

2). Amethyst and Selenite - Living room: Amethyst brings in peace; when coming home from a busy day, you can feel relaxed and calm with Amethyst. Selenite is perfect to cleanse the space.

3). Carnelian – Kitchen: Carnelian can assist in allowing the creative juices to flow whilst creating your delicious meals. With its uplifting and energising energy, embrace all the goodness it vibrates.

4). Clear Quartz – Bathroom: Clear quartz is known as the “master healer”: it’s the perfect cleansing crystal and used for purification.

5). Rose Quartz – Bedroom: I love Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz is the love crystal. Having this crystal in the bedroom opens your heart, enhances self-love, romance, compassion and peace.

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댓글 4개

Love this story, so inspirationa may you continue your journey and stay blessed always ❤️


This is an amazing journey, stay blessed always and enjoy the peace and harmony that comes with it 🙏🏻🥰 you are a great inspiration to us all xx


Beautiful journey, I can feel the calmness and the peace in your words.......thank you for sharing your divine gifts. So much love for you


Rajinder Bansel
Rajinder Bansel
2021년 10월 06일

Wonderful journey I'm so grateful to waheguru ji for blessing me with Inderpal tera shukar hai Waheguru ji

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