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Oh Ghee!

I absolutely had to dedicate a post to ghee.

Ghee aka clarified butter is butter that has been slowly melted down to remove the milk solids leaving this gorgeous rich golden liquid.

Ghee has less lactose due to the removal of milk solids which is great if you are sensitive to lactose like myself.

This fat retains more fat soluble vitamins due to it being made in low heat (Vitamins A, D E and K making it a great fat for cooking.)

I love cooking with ghee. I'm really not the biggest fan of cooking with oil unless it's coconut oil. I only use that for particular foods but for the most part I prefer ghee. I used to cook with canola oil until I read more and more about it. Canola is a big no no!

In Ayurveda, ghee is seen as a spiritual, nourishing and healing ingredient.

I am fascinated by the process and how nourishing it truly is for the body.

Of course, like any fat we shouldn't over indulge but out of all fats available to us,

ghee is my absolute favorite. It tastes delicious, it is gentle on the body and it can be used in practically everything!

One thing to remember with ghee is it's price point. A good quality jar of ghee is a little more expensive than other fats on the market.

I buy organic ghee made from the milk of grass fed cows which is pricey, but truly the case with most ingredients I purchase and use these days.

When it comes to food and health, I completely invest.

I would rather invest in a good quality fat that I cook with everyday than investing in an expensive pair of shoes that I will wear every now and then you know?

Ghee is completely natural, can be used to moisturize your skin and hair, is great for your digestion and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Many people use warm ghee to massage into the scalp to help with growth, dandruff and dry scalp. I haven't yet but I will be :)

Do you use ghee? If so, how?

Love and light,


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