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New Year's Resolutions? No, Thanks!

✨Theme Words VS Resolutions for 2021✨

I’ve never been one for New Years resolutions. In fact, I’ve always cringed at the thought of me even contemplating keeping them.

Simply because I know there is zero chance of me actually sticking to them.

I personally prefer to give myself mini, achievable goals or THEME WORDS.

This year I’ve chosen HYDRATION & AUTHENTICITY.

I find that choosing a theme word or two helps to guide me throughout the year. Every decision I make this year will go back to my theme words/mantra of the year.


Your girl needs to get better at hydrating.

Yes, I’m a Health and Wellness Blogger but I’m terrible at drinking water.

I was always so good at drinking water and hydration generally until I moved to Seattle.

I couldn’t get used to the taste of the tap water here.

Recently I started trying a couple different ways to help me drink it.

I’ve been using Ultima's electrolyte drink mix over the last few months. They are fantastic and sweetened with organic stevia leaf which is awesome in itself. No artificial colors or sweeteners over here!

Or if I just want plain water, I've been boiling water in a kettle, cooling it down and adding a pinch of sea salt for ultimate hydration.

This year my aim is to drink around 70oz water a day. Good luck me!


Being genuine. Living authentically. Speaking authentically. Making authentic connections.

Not allowing inauthentic people in your circle.

The older I get the more I realize I literally have a sieve connected to my body. I know when something doesn’t feel authentic and I truly haven’t got time for it.

I sieve the inauthentic stuff out and don’t look back.

I don’t want to hear gossip.

I don’t want to hear people being unkind.

I no longer want to hear people talking inauthentically.

Gosh, that sounds strong doesn’t it? Even for me!!

But hasn’t 2020 taught us that life is too short for BS.

There’s no time for it.

Live authentically.

Speak your truth.

Step into your power.

Be genuine with others and only allow genuine vibes into your world.

Your energy is sacred!

Be smart with it!

You will be seeing me connect with more small businesses in the new year. I’m stoked!

But one thing I will always say is when I talk and recommend a service, a product, a restaurant etc it’s from my heart.

We need more authenticity in this world and I’m about to make this my theme of 2021 in every way possible.

As my friend Nessa would say “GENUINE!” 😅 (Gavin & Stacey fans, where you at?)

2021, let’s do this shall we?

I hope this post will encourage you to come up with some mantras to help guide you through this year.

Wishing us all a happier and healthier new year ahead. Stand tall and know that through it all, you made it through 2020.

We are resilient. We are strong. And we have got this!

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