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My spiritual journey so far..

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

I would say that I have always been a little spiritual. I remember when I was younger, my Dad took my siblings and I to an outdoor fishing event.

I can't remember much but one thing I do remember is my trip to the gift shop. I had 50p to spend.

I bought a shiny orange gem stone. I either told myself it was for good luck or it had a sign next to it saying it was for good luck. I can't quite remember. All I know is that I took it to school on test/exam days. This memory came to my mind a week or so ago and it made me feel so good.

Crystal Healing

I'm very new to this but I find it very comforting. Each crystal holds its own energy. I believe in energies, I believe that each of my crystals helps in some way or the other. As I write this blog, I have a citrine crystal sitting next to me. Citrine is believed to remove negative energy, to help focus and motivate you.

I began collecting crystals earlier this year. I started with one or two and now own around 15. I have one for grounding, sleep, anxiety, love, protection, negative energy and more. I began crystal healing when my anxiety flared up.

I've suffered with anxiety a lot this year, it was probably the worst i'd ever experienced.

I wanted to treat myself in the most natural way possible. I personally refrain from taking medications where I can help it. You have to do whatever works for you. I take the holistic approach as a personal choice and don't judge anyone for choosing their way. Absolutely no judgement!

Keeping crystals in my handbag, in each room of my home and basically everywhere I go helps calm and ground me.

Smudging Sage

Burning herbs is an ancient ceremony. It is believed to rid negative energy from places and negative thoughts from our minds, shifting any stagnant energy. I use incense and sage everyday. They say burning sage can rid you of negative emotions and feelings such as depression, stress, anxiety and grief. I burn mine and walk around my home with it, I also wave it over my crystals to cleanse their energy.

Gratitude Journal

I write in a journal every night. The aim is to write down at least 3 good/positive things that have happened in my day. Doing this has really helped me see my own achievements, strength and courage. I can be very harsh on myself, I'm a Virgo.. a natural perfectionist. I can't help it but I'm really trying to concentrate on self-love and this is one sure way of doing that.

Social Media/News Websites

In order for me to feel truly be at one with myself and my life, I have stopped going on news websites. I used to go on one particular news website every day. It was always skewed and super gossipy. I've chosen to stay away from things like that and read the local paper delivered to our home. I am also weaning myself off social media, not fully but for long periods of time. As mentioned in my last post, while I am weaning myself off I have chosen to add motivational people to my social media sites and delete the negativity.


Using the energy from our earth to ground us. Walking barefoot on the ground can be very relaxing. I know first hand that this is working for me, I love walking on fresh grass personally. It reminds me of my childhood, it brings me right back to the simple things in life and I enjoy it thoroughly. It is a very relaxing practice.


This is still a working progress. I find it very hard to sit in one place and concentrate on my breathing. If meditation catches me on a great day, I can get in the zone so easily. I downloaded the app "Insight timer," earlier this year. It has been a great introduction into meditation. You can purchase courses to complete and listen to soothing music on it too, I play something soothing at night when I am overtired and stressed, it really helps to bring me back down to earth.

This journey is still very new and I am excited to see where it guides me. It fills me with so much comfort and I feel enlightened every day.

All my love,


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