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My 5 Favorite Self-Care Activities

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

If you follow me on social media, you'll know that I take self-care pretty seriously.

I call it "Self-Care Wednesday' but it is not limited to just Wednesday. I give myself the care whenever I truly need it.

When to take time for self-care:

  • When experiencing stress

  • Burn out

  • When you are anxious

  • As a treat

  • When you need some time out

  • Any day you feel like you need it

Self-care is vital for a balanced mind, body and soul. That connection with self is one of the most important relationships that we will ever have. I use self-care to recharge.

Here are my top 5 things to do on Self-Care Wednesday:

1. I like to ground. Make a tea, head outside or even indoors.

Sit down on the ground and simply be. Drink your tea and breathe.

2. Having a luxurious bubble bath with clean bath products and candles lit.

I love to listen to a Sarah Blondin meditation or soothing music by Snatam Kaur in the background.

3. Cook a nutritious meal. Balanced and super delicious.

When you feel good on the inside it projects on the outside.

4. I like to journal. Writing about my feelings, good or bad.

Keeping a journal helps me process what i'm going through.

5. When I really feel like a treat, I love booking myself in for a long massage.

Happy Self-Care Wednesday!

Love & light,


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