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"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.."

With that being said I would like to ask you to join me on this one.

I am very open about dealing with general anxiety and anxiety/panic attacks. I have moments where I don't feel anxious at all and then I have moments where it comes out of nowhere.

I realize that change and coming out of my comfort zone bring my anxiety on. In my opinion and through various programs, I've learnt that facing your fear is the best way to deal with it.

2020 for me is ALL about me coming out of my comfort zone and I ask that you join me.

Every month of 2020 I will be collaborating with someone in my network and learning a brand new skill. I want to learn brand new things and truly seize moments I would usually decline invitations to.

Last year during a very anxious time in my life, I went to the movies alone. I went to see A Star is Born during the day. It was so quiet and I really felt good. I was able to sit through the whole movie alone and also walk the 25 minutes back home. During a very turbulent time, I felt the best I had felt in weeks.

During the Summer, I supported a dear friend at her market stall as she sold her wonderful CBD products (@mjesthetics) I knew I would have to stand at a busy market alongside her but I enjoyed it so much that I joined her once again.

The feeling of accomplishment felt amazing! I was able to bond with a friend as well as experiencing something new too.

A couple months ago I attended a Bollywood dance class hosted by the wonderfully talented Dhawal Doshi and the Rangeela Dance Company. I knew that I was going to be nervous. I knew that choreographed dance wasn't my thing and I knew that I would probably get a little anxious.

But guess what?.. I did it.

I stayed for the whole class. It was a really fun experience and the hosts were so supportive.

It wasn't about the outcome for me (getting the dance right) It was the fact that I had done something out of my comfort zone.

There is something seriously beautiful and fulfilling about reaching your goals and coming right out of your comfort zone.

So I ask you to join me! Do something amazing for yourself. Something that will push you outside of your comfort zone :)

I will be typing up each of my monthly experiences so that you can see how I get on!

Love and light,


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