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Life before Seattle..

For the longest time I have received so many questions about my life back in the UK.

I was recently asked to elaborate more on my UK life so I asked you all to send in your questions.

Here we go!

Your questions.

How long did you live in England?

I was born and raised in Northamptonshire (East Midlands) for 25 years. I lived in the same town my whole life. I moved twice within the same town..

actually the SAME STREET!

Are you married?

I sure am. I got married to my other half at the age of 25.

We have known each other since we were little :) We dated as teenagers, ended up together in our mid 20's. He truly is my best friend!

Why did you move to Seattle?

My husband was offered a job over here for two years. Two years turned into five (and counting!) We love our life in Seattle. We do however miss our close ones very much!

What was your day job?

I was a Behavior Specialist working with children aged 9-10. It was one of my favorite jobs!

Are you Indian?

I am and I speak pretty decent Punjabi (although not as great since moving to Seattle..)

What is your favorite British meal and what do you miss the most?

I love a good chippy dinner.. saveloy, chips, curry sauce.

I miss really simple things. I can make a traditional roast dinner here.

I can pretty much make a sausage sarnie and a decent cuppa but I miss guzzling glasses of apple and blackcurrant or peach flavored squash

(I used to drink squash like it was going out of fashion)

I miss going to Tesco's and loading my basket with a packet of fresh cream chocolate eclairs, scotch eggs, mini egg chocolate yogurts and some Flamin' Hot Monster Munch haha

some of which we can buy over here but it's either super $$ or it's not the same as home.

Where do you like to eat back at home? (Love the food questions by the way haha)

My favorite small business restaurant is June Plum. I go there without fail EVERY single time I go home.

Seattle doesn't have a Nando's. I miss having a cheeky Nando's (5 wings -medium, mash, garlic bread)

A desi mixed grill with a mango lassi.. if you know, you know! And of course, food cooked at home. You can't beat it <3

Favorite things to do?

1. I ADORE going for spa weekends somewhere in the country with my friends and family.

A massage plus Afternoon Tea in the country.. you cannot go wrong!

2. Pub garden gatherings with my friends. Pub grub plus great company is always fun :)

3. Visiting my family. I love spending time with my grandparents as much as I can.

I'm also the oldest of 13 cousins, so I'm always busy catching up with my little lovelies.

I hope I answered these well for you all!

Thank you for asking and being so interested in my life, I adore my online family <3

Sending love and light,


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