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I can't meditate!

I used to tell myself this all the time. Last year, a lot of my close friends and family suggested I take up meditation but I always replied with

"I can't meditate, it's not for me. My mind is too busy!" I laugh at my reply now.

I think my mind being busy was the reason why people encouraged me to meditate.

Since last year I have introduced meditation into my life. It has been a very long process but I wanted to share something with you.

There are no rules when it comes to meditation!

Sitting in the quiet with my eyes shut for an hour is really difficult for me and easier for others. We are all very different so our meditation styles are also going to reflect that.

After trying hard to listen to 30-45 minute guided meditations and becoming frustrated with myself, I decided to tailor make the way I meditate.

I do a bath meditation 2-3 times a week. As mentioned before, taking a bath is my favorite self-care practice. I turn it into a spa experience by lighting candles, using a bath bomb (clean skincare of course) or simply some almond oil and relaxing essential oils (usually lavender or rose)

I then turn the lights out, put a relaxing guided meditation on for no longer than 15 minutes and I have a soak. The whole experience lasts about 20 minutes at the most but I absolutely love it. Sarah Blondin is the wonderful lady I listen to every time I have self-care bath time. Her voice is soothing and angelic. Her guided meditations are beautiful and so powerful. I remember having a bad day at work a little while ago, I got home and felt like crap. I listened to one of Sarah's guided meditations in the bath and cried so hard. She had hit me so hard and I cannot tell you how powerful it felt for her to reach my feelings. I had a really good cry and I felt perfectly fine after. That whole experience was bizarre but it felt so good. I left all those feelings in the bath to drain and I came out of it feeling refreshed and light.

Bath meditation has worked wonders for me.

Find a way that works well for you and your life.

There is no right or wrong way of doing it!

I can meditate and you can too!

Love, Alisha

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