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Happy 9th Anniversary, UnLeeshd!

9 years. Oooff!

It feels like a lifetime ago but also feels like that time has flown by in a blink of an eye.

Unleeshd started after I graduated with my Bachelor's degree in Education. I was 21, bored at home with no job. I had looked for so many types of jobs after i graduated but no-one was hiring. I was beginning to get a little down and out.

A really good friend of mine had created a blog "beauty-fulfilled" months prior and suggested I do the same.

So we brainstormed and played around with a few names. I had been called Leesh since I was a kid and knew I wanted to incorporate it somehow.

Unleeshd had been a name that I had in my head since i was a teenager.

There was this kid in my first year of Secondary school who would sing Sisqo's

"Unleash the dragon" using "Aleesh the dragon" instead and I used to find it so funny. It still makes me laugh to this day.

This is how "Unleeshd" came about.

As the years went on, Unleeshd meant so much more. The real definition of Unleashed is "a release from restraint"

I was a teenage rebel growing up in a somewhat strict (but wonderful) South Asian home. My rebellion came out through my blog posts, an outlet for me to be my true self.

My posts went from talking about Kardashian fashion to make-up tutorials to hair care. A few years later I began writing about mindfulness and health.

Unleeshd's journey has been amazing and I truly cannot thank you all enough for joining me on this crazy ride.

Whether you have followed me since I was 21 or when I moved websites to now..


Love and light,


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