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Fun activities to keep yourself and your kids busy

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

I will be hosting a masterclass on self-isolation tips on Friday 27th March at 11am PST. This will be tailored around mental health and self-care as well as lightly touching on fun activities for yourself to do in your spare time.

In the meantime, I thought this blog post would give you ideas on how to stay busy during your down time with the kids in mind. A lot of you will be homeschooling the kids for the next little while. It isn't ideal but just do what you can. I based this post on things that I enjoy and how your kids can also get involved.

Bare in mind that this is my version of fun haha so i will be writing MY personal favorite ideas, i hope you find some ideas super helpful during this period of time.

Dance around the house or in the garden (PE)

Let loose, get your heart pumping first thing in the morning and move your body. You get a workout and the kids get their PE lesson in one.

Cooking (Science, Math & Sensory)

I find cooking so therapeutic. I like to pop some Hindi songs on, sing nice and loud and cook with love. I cook with intent too. I like to add ingredients that are known to heal and assist the body. Again, while the kids are at home.. add cooking to their curriculum as a sensory & science project.

Talk about the importance of keeping our body's healthy and if you have super young children, incorporate counting and color recognition.


-Healthy cookies

-Mini Pizzas

-Pasta bakes

-Traffic light sandwiches/Sandwiches in general


It is the perfect time to get started. For adults & children, nature is one of the best forms of therapy, especially when the sun is out.. get that Vitamin D!

Kids typically love getting mucky.

They love planting seeds and watching their own plant grow slowly.

Make learning fun whilst also being able to get some fresh air and time to relax.

Spring Cleaning

I like to clean, i really do. A clean environment actually helps to de-clutter your mind too! While you do the adult jobs, give your kids a few sponges, some items from your home, dish soap and let them have fun in the garden or indoors (cover an area with towels)

If you have really little ones, give them a bar of soap and a water bin and let them go crazy.



I love making salt-dough at school with the kids, baking it then creating shapes and allowing them to paint them however.

This kind of art project can be done over a couple of days which is awesome.

The kids tend to get excited about it.

Not only does it keep them busy but it is a wonderful relaxing activity for adults too.

I've just ordered myself a paint set. Canvases, oil paints and brushes. Creating something will release stress and give you a sense of peace.

Meditation & Yoga

I teach my one year old's at work some very basic yoga and they LOVE it. They think it's so funny but not only do they join in and enjoy it, Teacher Alisha gets to stretch out, relax and get a 5-10 minute break. YouTube and Pintrest will be fantastic resources for you and your kids.

I know times are funny at the moment but we will get through this.

Your kids will need a lot of love and reassurance during this time.

They are just as worried as we are.

You've got this.

Look to other parents/teachers for support. We are in this together!

Keep an eye out for my masterclass sign-up post.

It will be a donation only masterclass so anyone and everyone can join.

25% of the proceeds will go towards a mental health awareness charity.

I will add the organization on my upcoming post <3

my love always,


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