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Updated: Mar 3, 2019

If you follow me on social media, i'm sure you've been following my journey. Recently, I felt the need to help people in a positive way. I came up with #alishasnotes one morning with the intent of posting uplifting quotes in random places. I've mentioned before how my summer was a little rough this year. Quotes got me through a lot of it. I would see something that totally resonated and it would uplift me for the whole day. Quotes can be so so powerful. It is our job to uplift ourselves and others.

I still remember the moment my first note was spotted and uploaded onto Instagram, I teared up and felt butterflies in my tummy. What a beautiful feeling!? Nothing fills me with more joy than being part of the reason why someone else feels happy, comforted and supported. That's my job!

Keep an eye out for my notes and virtual notes :)

All my love,


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