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Affordable Stress Relief

The Wellness industry is a BILLION dollar industry.

Whether it's in the form of organic essential oils, luxury massages, spa retreats, the latest meditation apps..

It can be very costly.

Now, don't get me wrong, I love luxurious self-care when I am able to afford it but I can't wait months and months to relieve my mind and body from stress.

I have found super affordable ways to release stress without the heavy price tag that you can do on a regular basis.

1. Earthing/Grounding

It has been scientifically proven that walking barefoot on grass, sand, the outdoors in general can lower stress and anxiety levels.

It's free, it's peaceful, It's calming and so powerful.

2. Sitting outdoors with a good book or a journal.

3. Meditation

I tailor make meditation to make it as enjoyable and relaxing for me. I repeat affirmations to the moon and sip on a tea.

I do bath meditations where I play a meditation, light some candles and sit in the bath.

4. Epsom Bath Salts

Super affordable, nothing artificial and so soothing for the body, especially if you have body aches.

5. Sitting in silence, closing my eyes and breathing deeply.

Tailor make it for you. Look after your mind, body and soul.

Love and light,


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