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Updated: Mar 3, 2019

Happy Birthday UnLeeshd!

Today, on my 29th birthday I introduce to you my brand new blog.

UnLeeshd is back!

I started blogging as UnLeeshd in 2011. It did surprisingly well. Newly graduated and on the job hunt, I needed something to keep me busy. I decided to write about what i was interested in back then such as beauty, fashion, hair and food.

In 2014, I got married and moved to America. It was a big, unexpected transition. I had the intent to blog again but it never quite happened.

UnLeeshd's 1st birthday - 2012

Recently, I got the gears in motion and began the process to get UnLeeshd back up and running. I'm very proud of this moment. I always have ideas to start things but never quite see them through. I saw this through to the end.

This blog will have a completely different voice to the the older one.


Well.. Firstly, I'm a few years older now. I started my old blog at the age of 21 and of course my interests in life have changed a lot now that I am heading into my 30's.

Let's start this chapter together. I hope you enjoy what you read here on out.

All my love,


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