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5 Ways to Start Loving Yourself.

✨ Look in the mirror daily and tell yourself “I love you!” - You might feel silly at first but the more you do it, the more you will feel the amazing impact.

✨ Boundaries - Creating boundaries and Honoring your decisions. There is something very uplifting about being in total control of your own power and energy.

✨ Take self-care in the moment. Honor your feelings and give yourself what you need to grow.

✨When in the bath or shower, touch your body. Yep, from head to toe. And say THANK YOU. Our body’s work so hard to keep us functioning daily.

Say thank you to each part of you.

✨ Write yourself a love letter from time to time. Yes! You read that correctly. Every now and then, write a love letter to yourself. List your achievements, what you’re proud of, what your dreams are.

It’s not always easy but practicing how self-compassion bit by bit will change your confidence, your demeanor, your compassion for others and yourself.

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