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5 Benefits of Practicing Self-Love Daily

✨ Self-Awareness - being in tune with who you truly are. Your strengths, your weaknesses, your feelings.

✨Humanity - Self-awareness can also help us identify that others are not perfect either. We are all working progresses. From my own experience, practicing self-love also allows me to have more compassion for others.

✨Kindness to self and others - I’m kinder. I’m kinder on myself and much less critical. And through that, I’m kinder to others around me.

✨Appreciating your flaws - realizing that our flaws, our individuality, not fitting in as such is beautiful in itself. Be yourself, your AUTHENTIC self.

✨Confidence - not being afraid to ask for more. Never settling for less.

Allowing yourself to push through your comfort zone with more ease. Feeling absolutely damn gorgeous!

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