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5 Affirmations for Practicing Resilience

With the elections over here in the United States, lockdown's around the world, COVID-19 generally or simply 2020,

It is safe to say we have been faced with one of the most challenging years of our lives.

This isn't another post on how to be positive and pretend the world is all unicorn and rainbows.

This is a post on resilience.

The power of knowing that one day, whether it's today, tomorrow, next week or next month..

we will find ways to cope and work through our hardships.

Practice Resilience by saying these affirmations to yourself daily.

Close your eyes, put one hand on your heart and one on your tummy.

Take a deep breath and repeat the following.

1. I am BRAVE!

2. I will try to do something that brings me joy every single day.

3. I can get through hard moments with love and grace.

4. I can adapt to change with an open-mind and an open-heart.


Sending you all love and light,


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