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National Farmer's Day!

Since moving to Seattle I have fallen in love with the local farmer's markets.

The local markets have played a massive part in my health & wellness journey.

They bring me pure joy, truly. From the colors, to the lovely vendors, to the freshly cooked food, I love them.

Pre-Covid, I would give myself a budget of anything from $10-30 and head to the market to see what I could buy every weekend.

I would come back with local and seasonal fruits, vegetables, fish and meat and maybe some delicious breakfast sammies too!

I haven't been as much this year due to the current climate but I have been ordering local boxes of fruit and vegetables still supporting the local farm's.

I used the markets to not only encourage a healthier, nutrient dense diet but to also connect with vendors.

I have loved networking and branching out to create new friends in and around the area.

Wherever you are, look up your local farms/farmer's markets and support them as much as you can.

Love and light,


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