Alisha Marie

Wellness Blogger & Mentor

Alisha is a South Asian blogger and mentor born and raised in the UK.

Alisha has worked in the Education field for over 10 years. Alisha spent 4 of those years in management positions. Mentoring her staff is what she loved the most about her previous positions.

Prior to managing, Alisha spent a year in Behavioral Support before moving her life to Seattle, Washington.

In 2018 Alisha decided to share her story of depression and anxiety and talk about the way she used self-love and self-care to build herself back up.

Alisha hosts masterclasses every month talking in detail about the subjects on her blog. 

Alisha also hosts group coaching four times a year with a group of 5.

Please check out Alisha's social media page for dates (links available on the home page)

Alternatively you can email her for more information below.

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