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Learn to love yourself with Alisha Marie

Alisha started her very own self-love journey two years ago.

After hitting her version of rock bottom,

Alisha used self-love and self-care practices to work herself back up.

Alisha was able to start over and build confidence with every decision she made.


Alisha uses self-love practices to combat her anxiety. She now coaches others to do the same with one difference, Alisha wants to make the luxury of being coached affordable for all.

Alisha hosts several monthly challenges a year for under $90 per challenge.

Alisha can also coach you one to one.

Her focus is to make this luxury available for all because we all deserve to learn how to love ourselves and strive for more.

Get ready to live the life YOU always wanted.

It's time to make your soul happy.

Learn how to love yourself

Learn how to shut down the negative inner talk

Learn how to be kind to yourself

Learn how to push for what you want

Learn how to appreciate yourself